Member of the Month

Megan Humphrey
Mainsail Lodging & Development

  1. How many years have you been in the Meetings/Event business?

11. My hospitality career began in 2007 while attending the University of Florida, as a Front Desk Associate on a McKibbon opening team. An internship with a wedding planner and another Front Desk role later, I quickly became a Group Sales Manager after college in 2009.  My roles have since included Event Manager, Catering Sales Manager, and Destination Sales Executive. 

  1. During that time, what would you say has been your best experience?  

That is difficult to sum up! I would say one amazing experience was a risky one. I passed up an internship with an acclaimed Wine & Food Festival (who knew as a college senior that food and wine would later become 2 favorite things in life? J) to intern for an aspiring wedding planner in Louisville. I knew her being her right-hand-woman during her business’ growth would amount to a world of learning and new experiences for me.  

  1. Why did you first join MPI?  
    During my transition from the Epicurean Hotel to moving to Fort Myers for Mainsail’s newest property (Luminary Hotel & Co.), I didn’t want to lose the connections with the Tampa Bay market. Furthermore, I’ve found new relationships through innovative and inspiring MPI events.
  2. What committees/volunteer opportunities have you been involved in during your membership?  What's the most important/valued thing you’ve gained from your membership? 

I’m currently serving as the Transportation, Accommodations & Procurement Chair within MPITBA’s Strategic Alliance Committee.  I’ve learned that it takes a village of talented people to put together all the great successes of MPITBA.

  1. Please tell us any interesting fact about you that you’d like us to know
    A favorite activity of mine is to go antiquing!

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